Sunday , June 4 2023

"Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina praised Islamist party … – 700544 | Kaler Kantho


Secretary-General of the Awami League, Road and Labor, Obaidul Quader, has said that Islamic party leaders have welcomed the role of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's state.

After dialogue with the prime minister's residence on Tuesday, O'Brile Quader, Prime Minister Ganobahan's residence, said this.

Obadul Quader said the Islamist Oikya Jote chapter leader confirmed overall cooperation to keep Sheikha Hassin back into power. They have said that they will have full cooperation in the future.

He said that both sides agreed on a dialogue with the spirit of the liberation war and the ideals of independence.

Earlier, before the upcoming parliamentary elections, the Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina began a dialogue with eight Islamic parties, part of the ongoing dialogue with the government. Dialogue started with Islamic parties at. 15:00 at Ganobhaban

The dialogue groups are Zak Party, Islamic Oikja Jote (IOJ), Bangladesh Muslim League, Bangladeshi Jalali Party, Ashiqin Awlia Oikya Parishad Bangladesh, Bangladesh National Islamic Association (BNIA), Bangladesh Jamaat-Islamic Alliance, Islamic Democratic Alliance (IDA )

Earlier, on November 1, the Awami League and the 14th Party Dialogue with the National Unity Forum in Ganabhan. The next day the dialogue took place with the ruling coalition of the United Front. The government will end the dialogue with all political parties until tomorrow on November 7.

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