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No one gives me a job: Prasun

GO news 24 | Entertainment Reporter: Published: November 13, 2018, at. 10:24 Updated: November 13, 2018, at. 10.27

No one gives me a job: Prasun

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Prasun Azad, the long awaited TV show, is not visible during this period. The last glamor girl came to a match called Eid & # 39; Takdi & # 39 ;. After one year's prohibition after the ban, the actress did not participate in one drama, but she could not show herself.

The actor said that it did not reduce the work, no one would take me. My job does not accept me as a job of this kind.

In October, the drama, director of Rokeya's walls had a discussion with Prasun. Complaints against each other through social networking. After the incident, the wall complained to Prasun's three dramatic organizations. In the context of Prasun, the ban was banned for one year.

At the end of last year, he did not appear on a regular basis, but after returning to the ban. Because he said, I can not get the kind of character I want. Acceptable characters are already working with my dislike or character.

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