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Neymar leaves Liverpool in the hope of a balance

In Paris, St Germain has revived the Champions League campaign on Wednesday with third place, winning Liverpool's 2-1 victory in Group C, leaving the England club hoping to reach the final 16 contracts.

PSG turned out to be a team that finally showed off its power in the big European phase and set off ahead of Juan Bernat in the 13th minute before Neimar completed it eight minutes before the peninsula after a lightning-fast PSG counterattack.

However, with the French champions in cruise control, Angel Di Maria unnecessarily throws Sadio Mane to give a penalty, which James Milner transformed during a first-hand stop to give Liverpool hope.

However, visitors could not find the equalizer, though, slipping to the third group victory – for the first time they lost all three group games from the Anfield Champions League.

As a result, PSG leapfrog last year's finalists Liverpool, with eight points on Liverpool six, with Napoli top group nine and still playing for the final round of the race.

Liverpool is playing against Anapil against Napoli who should have won 1-0 or with two or more goals to secure their place in the attack, while the PSG will continue with the victory of Red Star Belgrade.

"Now we have to use Anfield one more time," Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp told BT Sport. "We will see what is happening. On December 11th (against Napoli) we have a decent final result in Anfield."

Desperate to give an impression at European level, without exceeding the Champions League semi-finals since 1995, PSG was presented before the game, when Neymar and Kylian Mbappe played the game.

This duo for Liverpool caused a lot of problems from the start, as Goalkeeper Alisson was forced to savor the wisdom to deny Di Maria and Mbabet, and then firing straight to Brazil.

Afterwards, Bernat went to Liverpool after striking Virgil van Dijk for poor clearance to break the deadlock.

After Mbaps and Neymar merged on the left, the Frenchman became the Edinson Cavani square, whose efforts were saved only by Neymar to rebuild the bounce, becoming the most prominent Brazilian league champion in the process.

"The start was the same as we expect it to be fair, very wild, very intense," Klopp said. "The problem is when the game starts so hard to gain trust and we have never received 100% of our games."

When Milners won the Liverpool game, the old PSG, who suffered a lot of Champions League frustration against a high-level opposition, could make the repeat come to their head.

However, they stood as Liverpool after a break, and then again reached the closest point when Alisson escaped from Marquinhos.

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