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While the smartphone is getting more and more attractive. Smartphones display a variety of advanced features, including professional-quality cameras, face-recognition technology, side-to-side screens.

Although every year the battery life of the smartphone is raised to high tech functions, it still does not reach many of the intended levels. A new Washington Post study found that battery life for many branded phones has fallen compared to older models.

Recently, the Washington Post explored the battery life of 13 smartphones, including the iPhone 10S and Pixel 3, which came on the market. The study used a light meter to provide the same brightness on each phone. Then browse the websites through phones until the battery level is over.

The results showed that the previous iPhone 10S battery charger model lasts no more than 10 iPhones. The iPhone 10s versus 10 iPhones, 21 minutes before the battery runs out on the iPhone 10s. On the other hand, the three pixels of a new pixel cost about half an hour before two pixels.

The only new iPhone model in the X has been able to beat the previous model. The IPhone XR battery is charged for more than three hours than 10 iPhones. However, due to the lack of XR display, the battery life of the phone is longer.

The IPhone X-ray is a low-cost LCD display, an improved LED display with 10 iPhones. Less lightness is needed to run the regular LCD panel as compared to the modern OLD display. Therefore, charging the battery ends with a slow LCD display on the phone display.

According to the study, the number of smartphones available in today's display technology, such as the OLD display, in which case the battery is charging faster than usual phones. But the battery charge rate depends on much more than the screen technology.

Samsung Note 9 phone arrived in August, more than 4 hours of battery charge compared to the Samsung S9 phone coming in February. Note 9. The battery is much stronger than the previous model.

The battery capacity of the smartphone industry is currently underway. According to the Tech Site Iphixight report, battery capacity has doubled in recent years. However, many smartphone makers do not want to rely on this strategy, but lithium-ion batteries make the smartphone a lot of fun.

"The Quinino CEO Nadim Malouf, Washington Post, said:" Battery technology is being improved very slowly, about 5 percent a year, but the phone charge is up 5 percent.

According to experts, the phone battery is charging faster than before, and many smartphone manufacturers make high-definition screen-rich phones that are more expensive, as well as the emergence of sophisticated applications and increased use of phones.

The battery life of a smartphone on a network of five networks is believed to be reduced through advanced technology. To save battery life on your smartphone, users will need to choose a standard display technology phone, such as iPhone X, or they will need to charge the phone to use modern phones.

"I have to start preparing consumers to make a compromise on the battery life of the phone," said the Washington Post. If there is no compromise, there are other ways to reduce the brightness of the phone by using airplane mode or using battery saving features.

Find out how long your phone's battery life was found in the Washington Post study.
IPhone XR – 12 hours and 25 minutes
Samsung Note9 – 12 hours
IPhone 8 Plus – 10 hours 10 minutes
Pixels for three xl – 10 hours for 7 minutes
IPhone 10S Max – 10 hours and 6 minutes
Pixels up to 9 hours 57 minutes
IPhone 8-9 hours 51 minutes
The iPhone is 10-9 hours and 30 minutes long
Long to XL – 9 hours 26 minutes
IPhone 10S – 9 hours 9 minutes
Samsung S9 Plus – 8 hours 57 minutes
Pixel three – 8 hours 28 minutes
Samsung S9 – 8 hours 17 minutes

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