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New Year first

Priyidarsini Moushumi worked as a new advertising model. Under the leadership of Ripon Naga, it is an international commodity liquid milk advertising. The shooting was completed on 29 and 30 January at the shooting house in Uttara. This year, this is the first advertising campaign on various national channels, a seasonal model. Speaking of work, Moushumi said I worked in a well-organized unit. Therefore, without any problems, I have been able to work with sincerity. I liked the idea of ​​an advertising story. I think it will be a little different from other current times. I'm looking forward to advertising. The creator said that advertising would soon be advertised on various national satellite channels. Meanwhile, the film "Ratri Jatri", led by Houssula Islam Habib, was directed by Moushumi on February 15, during the next day of love. In contrast to Moushumi, Anisur Rahman Milon, on the other hand, the work of Moushumi Saidur Rahman Said's Madhur Canteen will begin again in the meantime. Meanwhile, at the end of last year, Mausumi filmed the film "Kund Man Kande Loving" led by Shawavan Chakraborty Dipu. Tauqir Ahmed was against him. Sabbath Parvin played a special role in this regard. The producer Dipu said that the television movie will soon be promoted to RTV. In the meantime, Mousumi has submitted a nomination form for Awami League women's reserved sites.

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