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“Moving to a new house is like falling in love”


NewsG Desk December 8, 2020 12:31:48 PM

“Get a new home. A fresh smell, a new anachronism, a new view out the window feels it feels so good that there is fear all the time. If someone knocks on the door and says something is wrong. This house is not yours. Please read it. is exactly what happens in the mind when you fall in love. ‘

Actress Svastika Mukherjee posted an excerpt from the Swedish author Frederik Beckmann’s novel “A Man Called Ova” on Instagram. After a long time he talked about the feeling of love. Not only that. He also gave his picture. The swastika is lying with its head on a pillow.

Swastika also didn’t finish recording here. In these verses, he also wanted to talk about the feeling of old love from the feeling of new love. Even if the house ages, it remains the same. He is aware of every shortcoming. Just as you know exactly how to open the cabinet, it will not make a loud noise. It falls from the wall. It is said that one of the tiles on the floor is almost broken. These are the secrets that make this house right. This is how Swastika wanted to express her feelings. He was left with a touch of loose love.

Swastika has fallen in love more than once before and has come out of it again. The name of director Srijita Mukherjee was last associated with him. Rumors of marriage also spread.


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