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Mithalia letter to BCCI insulted

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India loses women's T20 World Championship semi-finals in England High Strength XI against England is not the star's star Mitali Rajer. On the game day, lots of discussion and criticism. On Tuesday, Mitaly Rajs met with Cricket Control Board in India (BCCI), Managing Director Rahul Johri and cricket operation GM Saba Karim. In addition, Mitalis gave a letter to the board. In this letter, the Indian ODI command captain wrote that for the first time in two decades, I was disappointed and disappointed for the first time. I have been forced to think that it is really so important for the state to play so long a country in the country. Because some forces try to destroy me. Trying to stop my self-esteem. Two days ago, the T20 captain Harmanpreet was also named as Anshita Gupta, Mitali Raja, leader, liar, custodian, sucking, and incompetent master. However, Mithali Raj said he had no anger at T-20 captain Harmanpreet. But when the coach told me that he was abandoned, he accepted it. I was hurt. My goal was to win the World Champion for this country. Now I missed this opportunity because I had a lot of trouble. Mithali's biggest statement is with Ramesh Power, the Indian women's team coach. In a letter he wrote that whenever I use the networks, he goes to the other side. If I wanted to talk to him, I would have looked at the phone. That's the way I talk. This is clear to all those who insult me. I had my head cool. But after the decision to avoid the team's trainer's behavior becomes even worse. Even before the game against Australia, Ramesh Powers trained me in my room and said, "Even after the game, I'm not on the pitch. Because there will be media, so I did not leave the dressing room after the game.

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