Wednesday , March 22 2023

Messi does not want to be a shadow! … -705527 | Kaler Kantho


Do you hear the song? It was heard that Neymar was surrounded by Barcelona, ​​leaving Paris Paris (PSG). On Barcelona's Superstar, Barcelona plans to introduce new players. The first choice was the French star Atoua Grisman. But the star's attacker has not defeated the famous Spanish club! Straight, Lionel Messi does not want to be a shadow!

In the interview, Giseman told why not coming to Barcelona: "My club coaches and team members helped me a lot in making decisions. Atletico has increased my remuneration. Let me tell them that the loser should not leave my house, leave me home. It's also unconscious that I have to work as a messenger, if I go to Barcelona, ​​I will become Messi's assistant. I got up three hours in the evening and discussed it with my wife. I have had a very hard time.

It should be noted that Barcelona has long been trying to strike Atlético in Madrid. But a few days ago Grisman ended all speculation. In a video report, he said: "It was really hard for Barcelona to say" no. "On the one hand, Barcelona is the one who calls me everyday, by sending text messages, and on the other hand, the club I'm atletico on. On the other hand, I'm the most important part of this team. a player, and the team plans all of their plans around me.

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