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Karen's relationship with Sarah …- 709006 | Kaler Kantho

Kedarnath is released. Sarah Ali Khan debuts Bollywood with director Abhishek Kapoor. Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh's daughter walk along the screen with actor Sushanta Singh Rajput. Before releasing Kedarnath, Sarah began to promote the film with great enthusiasm.

Sarah said she always wanted to play her role. But the mother (Amrita Singh) could never have said that. While studying at Columbia University, she told her mother about her mother's wishes. But Amrita Singh, who lost weight after seeing that weight, at that time, Sara's weight was 96 kg. He sits on the expectation of action. Finally, at the end of the last year, Amrita Singh gave her regular body exercises for her weight loss. At that time, Kareena Kapoor Khan said everything.

If Sarah works, she will become one of the Bollywood stars. This faith was Karina. So Sarah was always looking after him, trying to lead him, Bebo. Saifa's daughter said that. Not only that, Saif Ali Khans was not with them, but he always received his father's help.

Sairie said that Saif stood beside him when she needed Baba. Saif, who has always tried his daughter, can take a place in Bollywood. He also said that
Sarah also spoke to Ibrahim and Timur with his father, mother and curia.

He said: The timer is very small. She is expecting her to grow up soon. In addition, Ibrahim is only 18 years old. But Ibrahim and Timur are not less than anyone in Dushtamy. He and Ibrahim, as well as his mother, are always connected to the same thread. Their relationship with each other is as strong as the actress Kedarnata.

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