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Kamrul is the main accused in the Babu Sons murder case


His reporter Rangpura: Chief Prosecutor of the Rangpur Special Court Judge Rothish Bhaumik, Alias ​​Babo Sona, in the murder case Kamrul Islam died. He died Saturday at Rangpur Medical College Hospital around Saturday at 5:30, said Prison Director and Ramec Hospital.

Amzad Hossain from Rangpur Central Jail said Kamrul Islam was suffering from diabetes and heart problems for a few days. He was taken to Rangpur Medical College Hospital when he fell ill in the morning. He died at approximately 5:30 am while treatment is underway. After the discovery and other formalities, the body will be passed on to the family.

Director of RAMEK Hospital Dr. Ajay Roy said that Kamrul died shortly after the hospital was built. If an incident report has been reported, why he died, this would be known. The body of the chamber was taken to the police for detection.

It should be noted that the judgment in Babu Sön's murder case is being examined by the Rangpur District Court of Justice. The testimony of this case continued. The other accused, wife of Kamruul, son of Babo Sonar, Snigda Sarkar, was arrested along with Deepa's jail.

On the night of March 29, Babo Sona was beaten up by eating 10 sleep pills. His body was then held on the floor of the Kamrula Brother's building, Tajhat Mollapara.

On April 3, under the auspices of the RAB, detained Babo Sonar's wife, Deepa Bowdmiku. He acknowledged the murder and told them about the location of the dead. The body of the molten body of Baba's gold was retrieved from this formula.

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