Thursday , May 26 2022

"Jai Bangla", organized by Alla Kahdeen Ayub Bachchu


Everybody was crying about Ayubu Bachhu

The legendary band artist Ajub Bachchu left the silver guitar and left on October 18 this year. His premature death struck Indian death in India. In particular, some artists from Kolkata were honored by Ajub Bachchu.

However, after all the coverage, Kolkata television channel G Bangla Ayub Bachchu organized special events. On Sunday evening, this event was organized on the channel's popular show "Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa". Emotionally organized by Ayyub Bachchu fans, who are sweet and tears of tears

Bangladesh's son Nobel is participating as a member of the program. He grabbed the attention of this group. In particular, Ayub Bachchu has received many popular songs. Anupam Roy and Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa two judges Srikanta Acharya and Shantanu Maitra participated in special events in memory of Ayub Bachu.

The spokeswoman for Jesus Sengupt Ayub Bachchu spoke on stage when the tune of poison and poison. Bachuu's popular "Why You're Not Recognized" comes from a strange melody at the end of the song. Then sing some songs of Anupam Roy songs

All the people who are tears "Jee Bangla" are organized by Ayub Bachchu

During this time, guitarist Sa-Ray-Ga-ma-Pa judged, Shantanu played and drummed in the role of the head of Jesus. Suddenly the music was changed to a "silver guitar" song. The song was selected separately The "silver guitar" hailed by the voice of His compassion touched the eyes of two Bengali viewers.

Finally, all participants at the ceremony with Anupam Roy and Nobel, the judge left his throat, "You Tu" song. Along with the guitar, the audience woke up with almost thirty thunderstorms. This means that the 5-minute video posted on the G-Bangla Facebook page posted comments on the special video.

The video already has a virus after. 12:00. There, the commentator Tanzine Chowdhury of Bangladesh said: "I really hold tears. Thank you for praising Ayub Bachchu.

One commentator, Palas Dass, said: "There are no artists and artists in India who do not respect others in a variety of ways. Today I grew up in G-Bangla, who spoke Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa Ayub Bachchu. They gradually learn to respect peers."

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