Thursday , March 30 2023

Irfan and Safari "love to be in love"


Emma fair and beautiful – Channel I The wonderful Ultimate Man winner Irfan Sajjad and model actress Safa Kabir have worked together in some games and telephos.

The duo gathered a new drama last week. The name "love to be in love." It is run by Risul Tamal, who leads the Arif bridge.

The creator of the drama said that sometimes there is a weird relationship between man, identity, love, love, or love of people. Thinking a lot. A similar story is also made by Irrfan Sajjad and Japate Thakuk Prem Saif Kabir.

Shooting at different places in the capital, Junket Love, shot. Currently edited by Tia Rahman, Mili Bashar and Faisal Hassan have participated in many different roles.

The production of Shafiqul Islam Masud will soon be broadcast on a private channel.

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