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"I'm not talking about terrorists in Pakistan"

Tallywood actor. Along with the action he also said in politics. Trinol MP Deepak Adhikari alias Dev said: "I do not talk about terrorists in Pakistan. People will love the people who love them.

He has responded to the BJP. On Wednesday, actress Debut participated in the Indian Gata Vijaya Sammilani ceremony. There, he claimed that there are people in the ghost, but they often could not come. When asked about his reaction to the BJP, Dev said: "I want the country to be good. The country is good. I'm not talking about any terrorist in Pakistan. Two groups that want to become a government in the country.
At the same time Dev me reminds me that not all are enemies. The person who loves this person will lead the kingdom. I think that the current policy needs to be changed.
According to him: "People want peace, general people. Mud mounds Everyone needs to go up. This policy has been going on for 70 years. You want a positive policy.
Source: Zee News
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