Tuesday , June 6 2023

Ii. Killing Two League Leaders – 686556 | Kaler Kantho


Two Awami League leaders were killed in the center-right attack on Bagerhat Morelgan. The dead were identified as Secretary General of the Secretary-General of Kalinkhati Union Awami League Selimabad. Ansar Ali Dahidar (55) and former Awami League League Workers League President Shukur Ali Sheikh (35) The fingerprints of the indictment have been raised to the President of the UP and his people. The locals said the deaths of two people were the result of the confrontation between the Awami League and the Awami League. Two people were killed and some were seriously injured, including the wife of the deceased and the deceased wife, when the chairman of the council beat the office of the union council.

Bagerhat police chief Pankaj Chandra Roy said union leader Shahidul Fakir was arrested and his license was seized for his involvement in the murder. The incident occurred around 3:30 on Monday at the office of the Duryodhati Union of Parishad. Of the wounded, Babul Sheikh (32) and Manju Begum (45) were admitted to the Khulna Medical College hospital.

The locals said that the people of Shahidul Fakir were beaten and beaten by the people of Babul and Shukur from the market. Later, they were seriously injured in a council room and were plundered with sharp weapons. Later, he was brought to Dahidar and died.

The dead was identified as Manjoo Begum, wife of Shahidul Fakir, who attacked his home around 15:00. The attackers took Ansar Ali Dahidar and beat them in the council and beat them into a cell in the council. Manju Begum was beaten to death after being beaten home. Monju Bemgom said her husband died soon after she was taken to the Khulna Medical College.

Morelgan State Police Officer, KM Azizul Islam, said police found Ansar Ali, Shukur and Babul from the Bishkhathat Union Parishad and led them to Bagerhat Sadar Hospital. There the medical department officer of the emergency department said. Riyaduzzaman declared Shukur dead. Later, Ansar Ali Dahidar died while receiving treatment at the Columbia Hospital of Khulna Medicine.

Secretary of Labor Affairs of Bablu Sheikh Dinajnhati Union Turtle Wounded He said: "In the afternoon, the mayor's armed cadres left us out of the market at the parish of the union.We were all dressed in a coat of arms. Later, we all came out the council and the mayor shouted, we came to kill him. Then his cadres attacked us with guns and sticks.

Bagarhat Sadar Shejh Rejaduzzaman Hospital told reporters that all people who have come to hospital have sharp weapons in different places. Shukur Sheikh, one of the dead, died for excessive bloodshed. Due to the condition of the other two, they were taken to the Khulna Medical Hospital in Colombia.

Bagerhat Pankaj police chief Chandra Roy said that two incidents were found in this incident. One party says the mayor of the UP has planned to kill local political conflict. The mayor's side says three to four men wearing a burka tried to kill the mayor when they entered the UP office and people beat him. Suicide is due to her death. Two people, including the UP Chairperson, are being questioned and questioned.

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