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"I see stars in heaven and waiting for my father"

Amjad Hossain Bamrungrad Hospital ICU. Image: & # 39; jpg & # 39 ;, & # 39; ext & # 39;':'media/2018/11/ 29 / 576771d596b7d3832370e68d5ca90605-5bfeee0b6292f.jpg & # 39 ;, & # 39; name "It's too late, I see hospital stars through the windows of the hospital, I have not been there." I'm waiting for you. "As for the film's director Amjad Hossain, son of his son, Sohail Arman, he was sitting on the verandas of Bangkok's Bamrunagad Hospital. He wrote about Facebook.

Amjad Hossain was admitted to the Impal hospital in Tejgaon recently due to brain hemorrhages in his home in Dhaka. He was admitted to an intensive care center (ICU) hospital. From the beginning, he was saved by artificial respiration. After being treated, he was taken to Bamrungrad Hospital in Bangkok on Tuesday night at midnight with ambulance. Immediately after his treatment, he began treatment. Amjad Hossain is admitted to the Bamrungrad Hospital ICU. There he is a famous neurosurgeon. Tera is under the supervision of Tangvereapiabune.

For the first time on Wednesday night, when he was treated, Sohel Arman said: "Father receives treatment with the utmost care and the highest international standards. This is what I wanted as a baby. As long as my father has a breath, he should receive the highest quality of treatment – demand is I was sitting around the Bamrungrad Hospital's Intensive Care Center (ICU) and like a crocodile in the Grand Brother's Castle. Sleeping Two Brothers When the doctors came and told parents to hope, in the evening a medical student came to see their father and said: Father's heart is better. His father or his father can still face a lot of serious problems.

Sohail Arman wrote about his father on Facebook: "My father's heart will be very strong, because his heart is so great, the heavens are bigger than that. By this heart, he has always loved all with forceful love and created his amazing work of art. So the heart of his father does not want to accept death. Even if the light is still far off.

"Disease news is alarmed at the actor, veteran director, scriptwriter, storyteller and lyricist Amjad Hossain. Sohel Armans has thanked those who are looking for good times and who are constantly looking for him. He said:" Father loves you too. Reading the blessings. Seeing the light of hope Every hospital person who deals with the treatment of this hospital from Bangladesh is trying improperly. Thank you all.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina assured her of taking her medical care three days after she was admitted to hospital after hearing about Bangladesh's producer of physical illnesses. Before going to Bangkok, Amjad Hossain's son Soels Armans handed Tk 20 lakh and Rs 20 lakh for airborne emergency assistance. When thanking the Prime Minister, Sohel Arman said: "The Honorable Prime Minister is deeply grateful to the heart, respect and love. You have succeeded in making sure that your father has the best quality food available abroad." God is pleased to pray.

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