Thursday , February 25 2021

Hero Lower buys nominating paper || Cultural Zone || Janakantha

Hero Lower is buying nominations documents

An online reporter A popular social networking site for Hero Alam has long talked about the eleventh parliamentary election. The upcoming eleven parliamentary elections will be held on December 30. Party nomination documents are distributed a day before. Ready for Hero Alam He said he would bring his nomination papers today (Monday). This star has decided to choose MP from the Bogra-6 constituency.

However, no party has endorsed anything to ensure that any party will hold elections. On Monday afternoon, Alo said: "I'm preparing to collect nominating papers today. I have spoken with two parties, including the Jatiya Party, but I think I will raise the team. After appointment, we will find out about it.

Hero Lamas also said: "I'm poor, I understand the pain of the navel, I am trying to benefit the people all the time." I am the hero of today's Alam, gaining the love of countless people, and I want to become an MP in popularity. "I'm proud of Bogra's children. My dream is more than Bogra. I want to stay with people in the region. "

The Awami League, the country's largest and most popular party, has begun distributing nominating documents since last Friday. BNP has distributed nomination documents from today (Monday), the distribution of the Jatiya Party nomination began on Sunday.

The real character of Alam is Ashraugh Hossain Alam. Earlier he had said that he wanted to stand as a stand-alone candidate for the Bogra-6 headquarters at Jatiya Sangsad. Hero Alam should really choose whether to choose whatever or choose a team, wait for today's day.

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