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Have the elections been very satisfactory?

Are the eleventh parliamentary elections very satisfactory? What is public understanding in this case? Election commissioner Mahbub Talukder said they would have to ask themselves.

In the Agenda Building ETI building on Thursday morning, Daka North Town Mayor suspended his post, 36 newly elected members of the North and South City Council postponed the elections and vacancies at the 9th and 21st General Councils in the North, choosing a return and assistant return officer in the training program. He speaks.

Mahbub Talukder said that I have tried to study some data on the last eleven parliamentary elections. You can share your experiences with them that can help you.

Our election management responsibilities depend mainly on two key powers. On the one hand, the election officer or election officer and law enforcement agencies on the other.
The documents I have seen so far have been used extensively in the report of all the reports by the rapporteur on the observer. The word is satisfactory and the other is normal.

Does this mean that our choice is very satisfactory? In this case, we need to ask ourselves what is public perception.
I always emphasized the choice as acceptable and reliable. This acceptance and credibility must be visible. There is no such thing that the Electoral Commission demands fair elections, which will become fair.

There is a saying in the eyes of people. The work of us and all of you will be tested in public. We must therefore all commit ourselves to accepting acceptable and credible elections.

The actual image of the election must be reported in all reports

Referring to his experience, Mahbub Talukdars said: "We do not think of writing negative reports in our reports, especially our own observers' reports, in my two-year experience in the election commission.
I would be glad if someone could object to my speech with information.
I think that the actual perception of the elections must be covered in all the reports.

The Electoral Commission is a constitutional institution. The dignity and dignity of the constitutional organization depends on its action. The responsible role includes not only the electoral commission to defend their dignity and dignity, but also all officials and employees of the sector, including the secretariat of the electoral commission.

We are committed to maintaining the dignity, dignity and purity of the organization with the behavior of all candidates.

Upcoming City Selection Topics:
Speaking of the upcoming city elections, Mahbub Talukdar said I would be calling for elections in Dhaka North City Corporation, which will take place in the elections. Because the mayor had to argue in this election, the warmth and warmth that was meant.
Only the position of a council member is expected to be small.

He said that during the last election of the North City Corporations, the main opposition candidate withdrew his candidacy because he had no equal opportunity. Although there is no candidate in the main opposition this year, there are no candidates. However, it cannot be said that the candidacy has been withdrawn due to election violations.

In this case, we have to make a clean, legal choice. Let no one question the election.

Corporate elections in Dhaka are of special importance. After the country's elections, the country's citizens, even development partners, looked at this election in Dhaka. To see what selection we will provide.
During the election we will deny any pressure, intimidation or temptation.
India travel context:
Speaking of his visit to India, Mahbub Talukdar said that a few days ago I was in India. Read the article about election management in the newspaper. Two events were mentioned there.

It should be noted that the officials appointed to the election duties were uncompromising in order for the elections to be fair. In some cases, they did not hesitate to take a firm stance on law enforcement offenses.

Our neighbor has supported the national campaign for democracy, despite many contradictions. The contribution of the Indian Electoral Commission is not less than that.

Under the chairmanship of European Commission Secretary Helaluddin Ahmad, Head of Electoral Commission M. Nurula Huda, Election Commissioner Md. Also involved were Rafiqul Islam, Begum Kabita Khanam, Brigadier General (retd) Shahadat Hossain Chowdhury.

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