Tuesday , May 30 2023

France shook again, ‘Bipake’ macro


Protests broke out again in France. Protests and demonstrations against the controversial police security bill continue in the country. Police raided the demonstration on Saturday, taking hundreds of protesters by truck.

According to the report, the situation of President Emanuel Macro is in a state of disarray due to ongoing protests across the country.

Protesters from the Yellow West also took to the streets during yesterday’s protest.

AFP reporters said the protests were linked to a supermarket window, company property and bank vandalism. In addition, several cars were set on fire. Police sent tear gas to expel protesters.

Reuters reports that thousands of people, including the anti-government movement “Yellow West” in Paris, attacked peaceful police police with riot equipment as protesters marched on Friday, taking hundreds of protesters by truck.

So far, 84 people have been detained across the country, Interior Minister Gerald Dermanin said. He added that six police officers suffered during yesterday’s protest. Al-Jazeera, Reuters

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