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For this reason, the Nanganj police chief's recall

Electoral Commission (EC) has withdrawn Narayanganj Police Super (SP) Anisur Rahman. On Wednesday, he was dismissed from Narayanganj in connection with the statements of the 20th Party Alliance led by BNP. This matter was confirmed by Deputy Secretary Nurun Nahar. He signed a removal order and sent a letter to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Administration. In August of this year, Anisur Rahman joined Narayanganj SP.

On November 25, the 20-party Alliance complained to the election commission against SP Anishuru Rahman. According to the chairman of the LDP, Colonel Oli Ahmad said that the wife of Narayanganj SP, Begum Fatimatuzzoh, current member of the Awami League, have recently taken photos of their children, including the Prime Minister. In this situation it is impossible to carry out his duties, regardless of his will.

EC officials said they had been withdrawn despite claims of a 20-party alliance. Fatematatuzzu is the current MP, which is the 21st place for women.
It can be mentioned that on November 26, the Ministry of Public Administration abolished Nator Deputy Commissioner Golamuru Rahman for a charge of sexual harassment. In addition, the EC ordered the deportation of the Moulapukur Police Station OC in Munshigan and the city of Rangpur, Louahjang.

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