Friday , October 22 2021

For an exciting battle


South Africa, with the first Twenty20 in Cape Town, won three games. 193
Pakistan scored 186 games to play 9 goals.

South Africa loses Jihan Klot in the first knights to defeat New Zealand on Friday. The second wicket partnership with 131 trips takes place with Du Pless
Rija Hendrik puts the team on a solid foundation.

45 off 45 balls, 6 four and four six, Captain Captain du Plessy was fired and broke the dangerous cross of Usman Shinawari. After regular door loss, the team took up to 200 trips, Rija Hendricks. The opener got 74 out of 41 balls with eight four and two six.

Pakistan pacman Usman took 3 goals for 31 trips.

At the beginning of Pakistan, Fakhr Zaman loses Hussain Talat, who returned with 81 team partnerships with Babar Azam. The next time Ajmal had a direct throw from David Miller.

Malik managed to save the hopes of tourists in almost one game. The last one needed is 16 to win. Pakistan will not be able to return to third position Malik 31 runs 5 four and one four 49 trips.

Miller couldn't do a lot of bats. The ball was unable to make 12 balls. Return to 10 trips. However, South Africa recorded four catch points, and two go out of the field Outfield.

The next Twenty20 will be held in Johannesburg on Sunday.

Short result:

South Africa: 192/6 20 times (Ria Hendricks 74, Cloete 13, Du Plessy 78, Fauldar Dasen 0, Miller 10, Morris 1, Clasen 5 *, Feldouvio 5 *; owner 0/12, Wasim 1/23, Hasan 1 / 34, Ashraf 1/36, Shadab 0/38, Usman 3/31, Talat 0/14)

Pakistan: 186/9 20 Removals (Fakhr 4, Babar 38, Talat 40, Owner 49, Asif 13, Wasim 4, Ashraf 8, Rijvan 2, Hasan 11, Shadab 7 *, Usman 0 *; Buryan Hendricks 2/40; 0/44, Maurice 2/39, Feldouvio 1/27, Shamsi 2/33)

Fruits: South Africa won 6 races

Game person: David Miller

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