Wednesday , October 5 2022

Five G iPhone comes in 2020


Good news for Apple iPhone fans! In 2020, Apple will connect five G-connected phones. Apple has been informed that in the next two years, the five G iPhone will be available on the market.

Already Lenovo, Motorola and Oppo Five have announced the launch of the phone. Next year, there are five companies to connect Android phones.

Apple's technology and security has always been a priority for those using the iPhone and always have priority over other features. In this case, so that they can stay loyal to Apple, Apple is also aware that they will not be lagging behind all other features as well as new technologies.

Intel sets up Apple's five GP chips. They will not be Qualcomm-based. All other mobile companies will use the Qualcomm processor for five zero.

In the past, without the fingerprint, the three new smartphone models introduced on the market were impressed by Tim Cook's team. Name – iPhone Eight, iPhone Eight Plus and iPhone X All three have Apple's previous iPhone seven series, many advanced versions of the iPhone Seven and iPhone Seven Plus smartphones.

Steve Jobs, the leading Apple University in San Francisco, introduced everyone to the new smartphone at Steve Jobs Theater, Tim CEO Cook.

Apple is thought to come up with several new models to get five technologies.

(DhakaTimes / 8 November / AZ)

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