Thursday , March 4 2021

Find out what color your phone costs down

The black screen protects the phone, Google says. This year's Android Dave Summit in San Francisco, Tech Giant, Google opened the information. Your Smart Battery Life will save you darkness on Android Smart Phones According to the Google message, the color of the apps we use causes the charging to become damaged. If you tend to display a high definition high definition image on your phone, know that this trend is one of the reasons why your phone is charging fast.

Google said on a pixel smartphone how to use the AMOLED display. When using Google Maps night mode compared to normal mode, battery consumption is down by 63 percent. We all know that the more you set the bright screen, the faster your battery will be reduced. It's important that the app's bright color is responsible for reducing battery revenues. Google said that white color destroys the power of most batteries, and is relatively smaller in blue, green, red and black. It shows that in low light mode or in the night mode, a low battery level is used, that is, the phone battery is saved.

Google has publicly acknowledged that phone designers have from the beginning created a phone layout, all of which is white, all is white. At first there is a tendency to exceed fees. In fact, Google's own study found that Android apps make it even more hungry. The reason why Google's developers have said they want to offer BlackBerry apps to save battery backups on Android smartphones.

A new theme theme was recently developed with Android News, YouTube, Google News Nozzle. Users are encouraged to choose their black and white mode to save their battery life. Courageous mode is not only suitable for your phone but also useful for your eyes.

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Name: Google confirms the dark mode that saves battery life on Android smartphones: Know what color reduces phone cost

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