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Fight against Khaleda!

GO news 24 | Entertainment news Posted: Nov 13, 018, 21:02 Updated: November 13, 2018, at. 21:12

Fight against Khaleda!

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In the upcoming eleventh parliamentary elections, the nominee for the pan-scar and the alleged hero of Hero Alam has been purchased. He said the Jatiya party would continue to argue that for this reason it will be a token.

Hero Lives wanted to change the Awami League from the Bogra-6 constituency to fight BNP chairman Khaleda Zia. But Awami League could not take advantage of the team.

However, Hiron Alam denied it. He said: "Poor people, they do not know anything, they do not know anything. Hamir was elected to vote in Sadara, but the Awami League won her."

Ashraugh Hossain Alam alias Hirola alams of Bogra has become the only businessman of Dhalud and Bollywood actors, who after a great deal of talks made after announcing eleven parliamentary elections.

In the Bogra-4 (Kahalu-Nandigram) constituency, he announced the party's nomination paper for Tillal Marquee under the leadership of former President Hussein Muhammad Ershad. Tuesday submitted nomination documents to the party's central committee.

He talked about the talk of the recently discussed heroes about social media for a few years, coming to power and wanting to. On Tuesday, Bogra has been widely debated to attend Hero Alam's election. Already the news of the participation of Hiroh Alam in the elections has already become a "virus" carried out by the social media.

Ashraugh Alam is used to sell CDs in the remote village of Biogram in Éorole. Only when the CD is not working is only the connection business. Due to the connectivity business, they started producing music videos.

After nearly 500 music videos left on YouTube Hero, Alam came to the press at a press conference with the participation of social media. Youtube videos posted on YouTube are very popular for the audience. He also provided guidance on Hero Alam's video. He plays a leading role in the video.

Hirov Alama's videos are distributed on YouTube as a joke about his video across the country. His social media video is Trolls. But eventually he received a great appreciation from the new generation.

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