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Feni student can complete the operation and breathe

Feni student can complete the operation and breathe

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The Medical Council has completed the Madras student's shattered burns at the Feni Sonagazi Examination Center, and the medical council said it was now able to breathe.

Surgery started at. 10.00 Dacia Medical College Hospital Burning Unit Operations Theater on Tuesday. The end is at. 12:30.

At the end of the surgery, the head of the medical council and the chairman of the department of Bern and plastic surgery are Professor Dr. Abul Kalam said the successful operation was done. Now the student can breathe.

Samant Lal Sen, co-ordinator of the Burn and Plastic Surgery Institute at Dhaka Medical College, told Jugantar that his breathing was burning. It was difficult to breathe. This surgery is done to allow her to breathe normally.

Dr. said this operation was escoratomy. Abul Kalam He said we had already told him about the operation. In the morning we talked to the doctors at the General Hospital of Singapore. They also agreed on a decision on the functioning of our medical council. In both decisions, the student's operation is completed.

Dr. Abul Kalam said that now the student is a little better than yesterday. He currently lives in the life of a medical burning unit in Dhaka. Required documents are returned to Singapore General Hospital with updated surgical information and current physical conditions. Then again, with the Singapore General Hospital, doctors will talk to video conferences on Tuesday (Tuesday).

Earlier in the morning after a video conference with doctors at the Singapore Family Hospital Samant Lal Sen said the girl could not be taken to Singapore.
He said that because of his position, there is no certainty that there is currently no situation, such as Singapore's admission to Singapore. If you want to participate in Singapore, this is not the way you could handle it. So he will now be treated in the burning unit. If the situation improves, a decision will be made to move abroad.

It is known that Prime Minister Shake Hasin said on Monday afternoon. When calling Samant Lal Senam, he asked about the girl's attitude at the burning department of Dhaka Medical College. He said they were getting better treatment by sending them to a specialized hospital in Singapore. According to his instructions, he contacted the General Hospital of Singapore. A medical board designed to treat a girl with Samantha Lal Sen.

On Monday afternoon, the student was enrolled from the Intensive Practice Center to LifeSport as the situation worsened the previous day.

On the other hand, miscreants attempted to ignite kerosene on a girl's body (18) located at the Phoenix Sonagazi Examination Center. This event took place on Saturday morning at the Iranian Sanyi Fazil Madras Center in Sonagazi Municipality. The student examined the exam from madrasa.

The student's family claimed that some women who were wearing a cage tried to kill him in a planned manner as a test. They said the accident occurred after the case was brought against Madras Maulana Siraj Uddaula, accusing them of their deception. Information was provided at Feni Sadar Hospital, where the local police informed the local police. As his condition was threatened, he was admitted to the Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) in the afternoon. He was later admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Families and local sources said that on March 27 the girl's mother filed the case, accusing her of Sahajuddaul, the oldest leader of Fazil Madras, Sirajuddaul. It says that on March 27, the director named the student through his office at Pioneer Nurul Amin. About half an hour before the test, the chief executive tried to entice the student to show the temptation to ask a question paper, and then the principal was arrested in a family case. The institute's institution forced the student out after the case was opened.

Meanwhile, the head of the detained student Siraj Rudhulal was suspended for sexual harassment. The decision was taken at a meeting of Sonagazi Islamia's oldest Madras leading committee, headed by PKM Enamul Karim, an additional county magistrate. It was decided to announce Madras closure by 17 April. In addition, a decision was made to donate Tk 2 lacquer to Madras institutions and teachers to treat a burning student.

Moazzem Hossain, Sonagazi police station officer, said that the main lawsuit Siraj Uddaul was expelled from Madras Feni Sadar because of the torment of children. He has six cases against Feni and Sonagazi police station, including sabotage, sexual harassment and fraud.

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