Tuesday , March 2 2021

Deepika-Ranbir wedding salesman knows how much a day's rent?

November Even though the winter is a little better, there is another reason for Bolivud sarajar. Because among the thousands of hotties, the wedding season is now. And while Wedding Capalla, Deepika-Ranbir has the ability to change, and it's new! But the surprise can not all digest? Why do you say Since the two stars that have chosen the spot, their one day rent will be your eyes. Let's say a little open.

The Deepika-Ranvira wedding is almost finished. It's not less than news about it. Italian marriage rallies have already begun. This will be heard if Deepika and Ranbir's relatives are away from there. And I'll give you details.

They knew that they were following all the marriage traditions. The first of these is the Sindhi ritual. And the other is Konkani. But the whole program will be kept in the private sector. A list is also ready for the wedding. Among them, Sanjay Leela Bunshali and Farhana Khan are convinced that such a guarantee. Deepika Ranveera's wedding will take place on the shores of Del Balbianello Kemo Lake.

The artist appeared on Monday afternoon to organize this place. The resort has two stars and their families have 75 rooms. There are four restaurants and bars. The hotel also has a conference room, a spa, an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor swimming pool.

According to a report by Deepika Ranbir family relatives in Lagars, the minimum rent is 400 years (about 33,000 rupees). There are 75 rooms. Accordingly, the daily rent of a room will cost 245.5 ths. Rupee One week will cost 1.73,25,000 rupees.

Spa is reserved until the season 17. After that the resort will be closed. In March next year, it has been heard, Ranbir's great recording at the wedding venue. He will come to the simplest. There are 14 people sitting together in this season. On the other hand, relatives will come in the boat.

But the calling list in Italy is not too long, but in Mumbai it would be good to say that it will be long.


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