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"Creating a series drama is a tough job"

The popular actor Roanak Hassan has created this first series of series. The name will be "marriage". This month it will be broadcast to BengaliVision. In the meantime, he has completed two series of series. There are 47 stars in this series, Roonak said. Asked about the experience of creating a serial drama, he said, "It would not have been known how helpless our creators were when they did not create this series. It is very difficult to construct a constructive game. These are "Guddu Burra" from the Tofail government, "Paribah The Beautiful" by Biplob Haider, the Jewel Mahmud audience and Mir Sabbir "Noashal". a lot of change At this time, what is the need to change our drama? Roonak said that drama should be announced as art. Every day, there is a lot of money invested. the audience sees the drama, the ads are lost or lost due to a news break As they are no longer captured on a specific TV channel screen, when the channel plays or shows like this channel, they watch the channel. Speaking of these things, Raoqn talked about Indian serials in today's conversation. His comments, Indian series, such as our local drama, are also available on YouTube. However, viewers watch these TV series. This is because the Indian channels broadcast the series at the right time. In addition, there is no negative pain during the series campaign. As a result, visitors see their serials. He also said there was a lack of proper planning to show audience drama on our TV channels. If viewers can see the drama on YouTube, where is the TV viewing problem? The channel authorities will have to think about this. I think there is a need for a separate television channel to simply watch drama or entertainment programs. In addition to TV dramas, the actor also works in the film. The film will be released on February 15, Fagoon Hawaay. It was created by Touqir Ahmed. This image was created in the context of language movement. What is the role of Roonak? In answering this question, he said that in this film viewers will see me negatively. I come to the movie for the first time as a villain. I don't want to say anything more. The actor said he was talking about the new film. At the end of the conversation, asking about this actor, he said that as an actor I see the viewer and its creators. But the person is full of rude, rugged and lazy people. I have to take care of myself. But I can't do it. He also said that I didn't work with people working with me more than once, I didn't work with them. This means that if I don't like the first thing, I won't work with him anymore.

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