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Controversy with Tesar; Complaint to Maling's wife! … – 731879 | Kaler Kantho

It was like a childish feeling. It was a Facebook record from the beginning. The dispute arises from a debate between two T20 captains of the T20, Tisia Perera and Lasith Malinga. This dispute has reached such a stage; The Sri Lankan Cricket Council (SLC) has finally complained. Thecer complains that Sri Lanka's current ODI captain, Malinga's wife, Tania Perera, has made the whole national team laugh at nationalists!

This month, Tania indicated in her Facebook post that she had met a young athlete to secure a place in Perera's national team. Perra replied by sending a very good job in 2018. This debate is often strong. A few weeks later, he was given another post, asking for a written complaint to the executive director Ashley de Silva directly to Thesira Perera.

The letter wrote in a variety of ways: "When the captain's wife made such statements in social media, it is difficult to stop people from misbehaving in my name. After this Facebook report, the dressing room created an awkward situation. In fact, it is impossible for party youths to have any sympathy between the two senior players in the team. It is the duty of the captain to unite the team, I am forced to say that it is no longer!

Thesa also wrote: "The World Cup is very close. We must continue our focus without questioning unnecessary issues in society. Now the team needs solid leadership, direction and a unified environment. It is important to solve this problem before the World Cup. Team leaders and senior players are must be an example. "

Theresa said in Maling: "Because of personal anger, we cannot make the national team laugh at the whole country. There is no way to ease this issue, especially at this time. I politely invite SLC to intervene to take the initiative and resolve the differences between us. We need unity between us. Who will create new trust and lead the team.

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