Saturday , April 1 2023

Comments can be made on Google Search Last Page || Janakantha


    Comment on Google search

Users can also comment on the search results, others will also be able to read comments. Google's search giant Google plans to use this new feature Although this feature has not yet been operational, the company has provided a description of how it will work in the search engine journal. With this feature, some of the common feature-specific features available on the social network will go through Google Search. Users can not only read comments that are provided to other users, but they can also "like" or "dislike" these comments. Users can also comment directly on any game. The descriptive description states that "inappropriate comments will not be displayed." It also says: "Your comments are public so that you can see what you wrote. Your name will be displayed with your website name. You can not comment without disclosing your identity." This means that no user can comment on their Google account, not signing up. Once a comment is posted, users can delete it later. -INS

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