Saturday , April 1 2023

Close all support for Windows 7 –


Since January 2015, the company has stopped providing basic support for Windows 7. They are now withdrawing all support. Since 2020, Microsoft will not provide free security updates from this operating system – News, IANS.

On Monday, the organization said: "No security updates will be released on any Windows 7 computer after January 14, 2020."

The subscriber can continue to run Windows 7 even if the support is off. But it can't be found in any security, software, or feature updates.

"If you turn off support, you can continue with Windows 7, your computer security will be compromised," – Microsoft.

Even after January 14, 2020, Windows 7 can be installed and activated.

The Windows manufacturer, a US-based company, recommended upgrading Windows 10 to avoid security risks and viruses.

Windows Vista was launched in October 2009, less than three years after Windows 7 came.

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Finally, Windows 10 is running Windows 10

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