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Clarke can not win the game if he's a good boy: Clarke

Michael Clarke

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The Indian Cricket Team is visiting the Australian tour of Virat Kohli to many former players, considered a challenge.

Before the tour, many talk about walking between two team cricketers. Australia is a bit more aggressive. Former Australian captain Michael Clarke has informed Australian cricketers of his aggressive attitude towards India.

Former Captain Michael Clarke, who led 47 Tests and 74 times a day at the Australian Cricket team, said: "We need to think about how each team must abide without leaving an alarm for the team they want. If anyone likes or dislikes it, I want Australia Playing an aggressive cricket game. It's our lack of blood. If we leave it, maybe we all love. But the game will not win. "

Clarks praised the former Australian vice-captain David Warner for bombing one year, saying "Frankly, Warner's style is to judge with his eyes. As a master, I always wanted to be in their team. Because, and this aggression was in the team, what I wanted to do. When Warner returns to the cricket, he can not tell if he wants to leave the sledge as the aggression helps Warner to play better. "

South African captain Faf Duplex, after the recent Australian series, said: "I do not like Australia, known as aggressive mood. The lack of aggression can also affect their performance. It was a good old Australian feeling.

Note that at the start of the Australian tour, India has drawn three games in the T-20 series (1-1). The test series will begin on the next Tuesday. Kohli will leave Australia for three games in the ODI series.

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