Monday , December 6 2021

Bolt hat-trick kivi to win against Pakistan


New Zealand has finally won a match against Pakistan, which was T20 white. In the first of the three one-day series, Kiwis ran 47 trips with a striking shock in the first game.

In Pakistan, which was mostly Left-side paceman Trent Boult hat-trick as the left fast and middle cup, Batting's Stumper Fahar Zaman, Babar Azam and Mohammad Hafeez were sent for redundancy as the third Kivi Cup earned hat-tricks as the latest Bolt Cup.

Danny Morrison in Napier 1994 won the first tennis trick on a kiwi cup against India. After some time he was credited as the second cup of kiwi against Australia in Hobara in 2007, Shane Bond. And on Wednesday (November 07th) she wrote a word next to those 29-year-old Swadeshi Bolt.

New Zealand won the piss and chose a stick at night at the Abu Dhabi Shaikh Zaeda Stadium in Abu Dhabi. After having had 13 team runners in the first goal, Black Capsps, which Munro (personal 29) shot in 36 runs.

Well, Williamson, who came up to the top three, goes well with Ross Taylor. Williamson, who played only 27 times (partially 78), added Tylar to transform with Latham. When 130 team partners broke the Kiwi scoreboard, the result was 208 times 41 times. Latham was rejected 68 times, but Ross Taylor was on the other side.

Nikolass, who came to the fold at this stage, went back without adding any runs. When Grandmom returned, New Zealand played 208 times. And the wickets are 6. The Kiwis fans have left hope for a great collection when Taylor's personal 80 runs 42 times. However, Tim Southee and Sodhi batting stretches New Zealand in a 266 score table for 9 goals.

Shaheen Shah Afridi and Shadab Khan hosted a maximum of 4 goals in Pakistan. Imagine Wasim took another goal

Pakistani batting was not good at the beginning of the game. Fahars Zamans returned to Bolt's bowling matches for only eight journeys. In the next two balls, Azam and Mohammad Hafeez took the first hat-trick in their first game, catching CUT and LBW. Pakistan is mentally divided here

Pakistan's most comprehensive Imam-ul-Haq, Shoaib Malik and Shadab Khan, all three team batsmen descended Peruvian hundred or not. However, Sarfraz Ahmed and Imad Wasim shared the Seventh Jacket Partnership (103 rides) to show their hopes to Pakistan. At this stage, Grandhom landed Sarfraz Ahmed and relaxed the Kiwi camp.

Sarfaraz returned to 50 runs for 64 individual trips, Imad Wasim Hassan Ali and Shaheen Shah Afridi also performed 16 times after 219 departures in the same table of results. New Zealand won with 47 releases with the remaining 16 balls.

Trent Boult has won a match for his hat trick. Among other New Zealand gates, Ferguson took 3, Grandhomme 2 and South Africa and took one goal.

Bangladeshi time: 0402 hours, 08 November, 018

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