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Bangladeshi girl raped, arrested in india

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The Bangladeshi woman of Thana, India, has raided two northwest. Police arrested both accused One of them has a desire to do a good job for a young girl in Mumbai. Then he was forced into the body to trade. Online Mumbai Mirror reported it. It is alleged that police stations in Police stations are Rahim Shaykh and Maheshwar Yadav. Police said a body-building cycle has been set up in this area. In Bangladesh, poor and destitute women are keen on working in Mumbai. Then they took their passport. Will push to go into prostitution. The police also said that a girl from Bangladesh who was taken to India was taken to Rahish in Sheikh. A young girl was kept in a room at the Yadav's house in Ulhasnagar. There, in turn, he was raped by Rahim Sheikh and Maheshwar Yadav. He is forced to take his passport and do physical work.
Police also said two Bangladesh defendants took the young girl to Grant Road. There was a plan to sell him there on the brothel. The new girl got it. As a result, he continued to think. They escape from them.
In one stage, the young girl is excited at the Kalyan station, in the female constellation GRP Shakila Begum. Then the young girl was looking for a way back to Bangladesh. Shakila Begum talked to her about the situation and told her. At this time she said all the stories she had about the young girl in Bangladesh. Shakila heard her and took her to the welfare of the GRP. Record the rape case. It's named Zero FIR. Later it was moved to a local police station. These incidents took place at the police station itself. In this situation, the police identified Rahim Sheikh and arrested him at Kalyan Station. The police said they retrieved the passport and the necessary documents from young Bangladesh from Rahim Shihas.

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