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Bangladeshi driver seat

Sports reporter | On tue afternoon 9:11 on Tuesday, 13th of November

522 runs, 7 goals lost. The batting continued in the first games after the second day of tea break. Then the entry declaration Bangladesh team played more than 160 times in two days. The team won more than 500 times 8 times in its history of cricket. What happened at the 5th position of the highest batch collection. Mominul Haque Sourav's 150th ODI and Mushfiqur Rahim History of the Twentieth Century Mirpur Test, which manages personal and team records. But in the past four tests, 8 hassle? How Fade Goes! Where was the century. Even on the side of the team there is only one where there were obstacles, invisible chains. Yes, during the last two days Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla field against Zimbabwe had a song about a neck-tie, which was a chain song. Zimbabwe was not able to answer the answer last afternoon. First Uketa 22nd year. Ankit pacer Khaled Ahmed and Mostafizur Rahman grabbed the first goal by giving their first goal Sylhet Test hero spinner Taizul Islam. The Masacoad team is still 497 times. Need to avoid running 298 But nine hands in hand.
In this way, the opponent's cup players can fully control the game? The largest number of test rides in Bangladesh was 638 rides at Galle Stadium in Sri Lanka in 2013. In the second match against Sri Lanka, Mushfiqur Rahim won the first two centuries in this country and won Mushfiqur Rahim. Next year, the second highest year was 595 times in 8 gateways against New Zealand. Shakib Al Hasan won the double century in this game. Mushfiq's 169 rides came from a stick. In the past, in the second county against Vest India in 2012, 556 times with the second was the first and last fifty results. In this first qualifying game in England in 2010, 419. In fact, after 6 years in the Dhaka field, the competition was witnessed by Mushfiq-Mominul and Mehdi Hassan Miraz. In 2015, Khulna is 555/6 in the fourth position against Pakistan. If Captain Mahmudullah arrived at the end (more than 18 pairs left), the matches might have kept the innings on top of the run-getter list. Due to the eight-goal partnership, the record still stood in the field of Mushfiqur Rahim and Mehdi Hasan Miraj.
Bangladesh started the second day with 303 trips. In other words, the second day in the Dhaka test was under Bangladesh's control. Mushfiq, who was first defeated at 111, was greatly supported by Captain Mahmudullah. The cooperation of 73 partners shows something bigger. But after a lunch break, the captain went to a personal 36 rides. Jarvis came back with a ring. After that, Ariful Haq could not survive for a long time. From Jervisa 4 ends. However, Miraj came to the fold after eight Mushfiqur Rahim gates. Mushfiqur Rahim won the best state co-operation with Mushfiqur Rahim's fourth goal. Then another couple of recordings made the eighth goal with Mehdi Hasan Miraz. The previous best was the cooperation of Mushfiq 113 teams with Naeem Islam in the eighth goal in 2010 against England in Chittagong. In the end, his unbeaten 144 journeys came in partnership. Miraz won the second fifty Test career after playing 102 balls. At the end Miraj was not beaten in his career at the best of 68 rides. On the other hand, Mushfiq's second career career queued up to 219 unfinished trips. Play 421 balls where there were six with 18 four.
In Bangladesh, 110 test games have announced only 11 turns. At the same time, the Tiger was able to announce the first injection only three times, including yesterday. At first, on the first adventure days, Norway was reported to be 595/8 against Norway. And against Zimbabwe yesterday 522/7 And the first was in 2010 against Chittagong 350/5 West Indies. So far, all eight cookbooks left in Bangladesh are eight. Of these, 6 times in the country field

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