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Bangladesh is struggling for the coach's dream


GO news 24 | Sport reporter Posted: November 6, 01., 09:53 Update: November 6, 2018, at. 09:54

Bangladesh is struggling for the coach's dream

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According to estimates, if tourists win against Zimbabwe, 306 will be taken to Bangladesh. If you want to win this run, then you will have to name the name on the Bangladeshi history page. Because the hosts did not defeat it before.

But, knowing about Tiger coach Steve Rodo, the whole team is confident. They know that the goal is in front of them – it is not possible to get earlier in the past. This 321 goal is a new challenge for the team. Bangladesh is ready to win this challenge successfully. Even his party has not lost credence yet.

The idea of ​​Steve Road, the two openers Imrul Kayes and Liton Das have already caused scaring. She praises the knife in his mouth: "I am very pleased with Imrul and Liton batliners. They were afraid of an episode late in the afternoon, tomorrow he will have to reinforce fear."

Zimbabwe is very comfortable in the eyes only. Bangladesh backfruit But coach Steve Rods believes that it is possible to win the race here. How to?

After the game, the Bangladeshi trainer has given his formula to speak at a press conference. His feelings and perception, no matter what happens in the first two days, no matter what happens, as well as five good and successful sessions, Bangladesh can win games. Steve Roads is convinced that if you can play well tomorrow in three sessions, the winner will win the Tigers' neck.

Steve Road's assessment was the first two last sessions. "We have decided today to accomplish what we can to win the test. Believe it or not, it's possible to win the test in five sessions." "Today's first session was the same in the same way, I think the third day was not good, but the next two sessions we won We are moving to the goal. Now three tomorrow's sessions and a good goal and victory. "

The ball is not rotated too much. Occasionally take a bit. This is also after the bomb is the old Steve Rhodes that considers it to be the reason for the relief. His idea is: "The ball is not very windy on the field. The old ball is turned on. It is possible to handle a spin attack if you do not worry about this goal.

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