Wednesday , March 29 2023

Antigen testing started in the country Tomorrow’s voice


Coron antigen testing has begun in 10 regions of the country. Patient samples were collected from the stand in Jessore yesterday morning. Photo: Kalers Kantju

Coron antigen testing has begun in 10 regions of the country. Health Minister Zahid Malek opened the program on Saturday morning. Referring to the need to test coronary control and treatment samples, he said antigen testing would begin in all areas of the country as soon as possible. However, the results of the antigen test had to be provided within 30 minutes, but this was not possible in all areas on the day of discovery. Local representatives at the district level have sent details of the coronary antigen test.

Jessore: On the first day of the rapid antigen test, samples were collected from three people in Jessore until noon yesterday. All three have negative results. Said the manager of Jessore General Hospital. Dillip Kumar Roy said a doctor, technician and IT specialist from Dhaka had brought training on antigen testing. At the end of the training, they brought Jessor a thousand sets.

Madaripura: Yesterday, one in four samples was positive. Medical Officer of the District Civil Surgery Bureau. HM Khaliluzzaman said the district health department had received 500 test kits. Samples will be taken daily from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the ground floor of the new 250-bed building.

Meherpur: The antigen test officially began yesterday morning at the General Hospital. On the first day, all three had a negative result. The hospital manager said. Rafiqul Alam said: “In the initial phase, we got 500 kits. As the results will be known in a very short time, positive patients will be treated quickly.

Joypurhat: On the first day, samples from 9 people were collected at the Joypurhat District Modern Hospital yesterday morning. They all had a negative result. Initially, 500 sets of antigen tests were delivered to this hospital. Resident doctor Saiful Islam said the samples would be collected and tested daily from 10 a.m. to noon.

Panchagara: On the first day of the temporary camp, three human specimens with coronary symptoms were collected and tested outside the modern Sadar Hospital. One of them is positive. According to the data of the district health department, sets of 500 pieces are planned for the corona examination in the laboratory of Sadara Hospital. Samples will be collected and tested daily from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Brahmanbarija: All antigen testing was performed in a separate General Hospital building. Antigens were tested by collecting samples from six people until yesterday afternoon. Two of them were found to be positive.

Gaibandha, Munchigan, Silet and Patuakhali are the other four areas where the coron antigen test was started yesterday.

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