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Alternative "freeze"

There was only one movie theater in Rajshahi. The cinema hall is also closed on behalf of the donation. So Jazz Multi Media releases the movie "Dhan" in the alternative cities of this city. From December 1st, the film will be directed from the Kazi Nazrul Islamic audience at Rajshahi University. Jago News confirmed the film's film producer Abdul Aziz.

From December 1, Kazi Nazrul's Islamist audience at Rajzha University will have a daily "Dhan" every three days at noon. 12.00, 3rd and 6th day.

Abdul Aziz Jago said the news: "Rajshahi is not a cinema, so the alternative should be released in an alternative way. I believe this will be the most discussed year." Rajshahi city people try to give a chance to see the image. "I hope the audience will take a picture." Meanwhile, many films in Dhaka sold all for the first time, when all entertainment is released. All Shyamoli Halls 2:30 and 5:00 tickets are sold on Friday. "

Jazz Multimedia producer Dahan will be released on November 30th. Already in front of Raihan Rafi, a film starring Siam-Puja, the film has been praised by the audience. The film will be released in 40 films in the first week, the film will be released. This is a second-rate movie of the quick-button pair. It also hosts Tariq Anam Khan, Zakia Bari Mom, Fazlur Rahman Babu and others.


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