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9 crores of trail for human trafficking 17, arrested by MA Kader

Dhaka: According to the State Revenue Service (NBR), the Customs and Investigation Directorate filed a claim against three Crescent Group organizations for money laundering exports of goods worth 919 crore 56 lakh abroad. It accused 17 people, including Crescent Leather Products, Crescent Tanneries and Rimex Footwear Limited, as well as four Janata bank employees and 13 current officials. Meanwhile, the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Directorate arrested MA Quader, chairman of the crescent leather and crescent.

At the NBR Conference Hall on Wednesday (January 30), Chairman of the Board, Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan, told this information.

He said the crescent skin is 422 crore 46 lakhs, Remix shoes 481 crore 26 lakh and Crescent tannery 15 crore 84 lakhs abroad for three Crescent group organizations. A variety of cases of money laundering were filed on Wednesday at Chawkbazar City Police Station. In this area, 17 money-laundering people, including Crescent Leather and Tanneries, as well as Remakes Footwear and MD, were arrested. On Thursday (January 31), he will be asked to cancel the trial. Other defendants will also be arrested.

The NBR Chairman informed law enforcement officers that the Jazz Multimedia Commander, Abdul Aziz, MD Litul Jahan (Mira) and the Head of the Crescent Leather and Crescent Tanneries could not leave the country.

Chairman of the Board at the NBR Conference Hall Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan at a press conference. Photo: banglanewsHe said that 13 people, including the GMM GM and the DGT of Janata Bank, export and the bank's headquarters and 13 office offices, have been accused of an accident on money laundering of the crescent group.

These are – Janata bank GM. Rezaul Karim, former GM Mohammad Zakir Hossain (now Sonali Bank DMD) and Fakhrul Alam (DMD, Bangladesh Agricultural Bank), DGM Kazi Rice Uddin Ahmed, AKM Asaduzzaman and Md. Iqbal, AGM Ataur Rahman Government, Senior Chief Executive. Khairul Amin and Md. Maghreb Ali, Chief Mohammad Ruhul Amin, Senior Officer. Abdullah Al Mamun, Md. Moniruzzaman and Md. Saiduzzaman. The list of Ataur Rahman was interrupted by the government.

The NBR Chairman said there were more than ten companies on the money list and soon after all the evidence from the Bank of Bangladesh, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the law enforcement authorities would be against them.

Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan said that money, such as money, is toxic, saving the country from why money is traded even after the country has the opportunity to export and export? In fact, those who have illegally traded money cannot enjoy it. We had previously heard that the money was stored in a Swiss bank. But they have also heard that they are not giving money. But many people have looted bank money.

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