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Volkswagen repays self-declaration EPA: CO2 emissions from Porsche 911 are too high

The Volkswagen Group has made a self-assessment on Thursday with KBA. SPIEGEL learned from group circles. It is about fuel consumption on the sports car model 911, which is a subsidiary of Porsche. Improper consumption figures affect the construction year 2016 and 2017.

As a result, the Wolfsburg Group wants to inform the US authorities EPA and CARB. Why sports cars consume more gas and thus emit more carbon dioxide than the type-approval, is unknown.

VW and its daughter Porsche this step is serious. If it turns out that the later observed consumer values ​​are more than ten percent higher than the original requirement, the customer may claim damages under German jurisdiction – in the end, even the purchase can be changed at the manufacturer's expense. The additional demands of the tax authorities are also conceivable because the car increases CO2 emissions and therefore has to pay higher vehicle taxes. In addition, both the US and the German authorities impose fines for infringement of the authorization procedure. In Germany it can be up to 5,000 euros.

Incorrect air resistance values

In the VW control circles, SPIEGEL learned that the incorrect air resistance value was used for the 911 type approval. As consumption is determined on the chassis dynamometer, the influencing factors such as air and rolling resistance must be taken into account.

To what extent the effect of the wrong resistance value on the CO2 emissions determined in the test procedure with Porsche 911 is now the subject of further measurements. Porsche CEO Oliver Blume apparently already spoke with Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer (CSU) and explained his self-assessment.

The Federal Ministry of Transport is aware of self-disclosure. At the request of SPIEGEL, Porsche commented: "Porsche has identified issues related to individual so-called tests during internal investigations used to determine vehicle specific values ​​for chassis dynamometer tests, in which case deviations in determination of wind resistance values ​​Facts are still being investigated, but Porsche, of course, and the manifestation of its corporate culture, is to actively inform the competent authorities and the company continues its internal investigations in close consultation with the authorities. "

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