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Up to 1 meter! Carinthia is preparing for new snow masses ::

The Carinthian authorities have left the bad weather forecast on Thursday. The Crisis Team met the Central Meteorological and Geodynamic Institute (ZAMG) for forecasting high rainfall and stomach storms. The association began in the afternoon, reducing the level of Drau reservoirs.

Gerhard Hohenwarter from ZAMG is expected on Thursday with a heavy rainfall, especially in the west of the country, where it will partially snow down. In the East, the snowfall is expected to increase to about 1500 meters, which makes it rainy. As a result, the amount of water entering the River Dava could be significantly higher than just due to precipitation. "We have therefore taken precautions to lower the water level in the three large reservoirs of Drau, until the water level in the morning is about one meter lower," said Verbund's spokesman Robert Zechner to APA.

Friday will see whether and to what extent further reduction measures will be needed. According to Daniel Fellner (SPÖ), a member of the competent regional council, the crisis team must face up again to discuss further steps. If Föhnsturm is really as strong as feared, it is expected that fallen trees will also damage and disrupt traffic. At a time when the weather in the south is calming down, meteorologists expect only on Sunday.

Fresh snow on Friday

The Italian Lowland "Pirmin" in East Tyrol, Upper Carinthia and the main alpine ridge provides partially rich snow. From Friday evening and Saturday it must be in a short time, locally even within 24 hours, up to one meter of fresh snow. The rest of the southwest 50-80 cm reaches it. However, on the north side of the Alps it becomes warm. The hair dryer provides two-digit plus degrees.

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