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The Queen of Hills: The Austrian Book Prize for Viesser


Queen of the Mountain

The third time the Austrian Book Award was awarded on Monday night. Born in Carinthia, Daniel Visser convinced the jury with his novel Queen of the Mountain focused on euthanasia. Marie Gamillscheg received the debut award for "Alles was glänzt".

May 10, 2018. 22.58

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Death and mining issues were issues that were considered on Monday at the Schwarzenbergplatz casino book premium. Wisser, born in Klagenfurt in 1971 and a musician, finds himself in the heart of the iconic Robert Turin named forty years ago. "Queen of the Mountains" Turin called his disease of multiple sclerosis. She left her at the song and forced her into a wheelchair and boarding house. Now he is trying to win over his assistants his death plan, a process that is described in a fun way.

The jury considered that the book "despite the tragedy of all the subjects is very stimulating and not so gloomy reading." Visser had already noticed his novels "The White Elephant" (2013) and "The Lion's Desert" (2017). On this November 22, he will receive Johan's Beer Literature Award in Linz.

"I know the other side better"

"You do not know how many awards I received, which I did not receive, and you do not know how many awards I have raised, even if I did not even attend. I know the other half a lot better than this," says Visser. The Austrian Book Award is the best German literary belletristic, essay, lyrical or dramatic work by the Austrian author or Austrian author. The five-member panel (Konstanze Fliedl, Bernhard Fetz, Jens Jessens, Evelyne Polt-Heinzl and Bettina Wagner) has seen a total of 150 works. The prize was awarded for the third time and is 20,000 euros. In the years before he went to Friederike Mayröcker and Eva Menasse.

Daniel Visser's conversation

The winner of the Austrian book prize in 2018, Daniel Wisser, in a conversation about his book and the title "kulturMontag" named after him.

The list also included Joseph Winkler's theater: Ejim home, father or death in my heart, confrontation with exaggerated father, Milena Michiko Flasar, "Kato playing the family" as a retired person who considers himself to be foreign, Gerhard Jäger's second novel "Everything about us "for escaping and Heinrich Steinfest's multi-layered novel Die Büglerin.

Marie Gamillscheg and UK President Renate Anderl

APA / Herbert Neubauer

Renate Anderl, President of the Employee Chamber, presents the Gamillscheg Award

Marie Gamillscheg received a debut award of € 10,000 for "Alles was glänzt". Grazers, who lives in Berlin, has devoted himself to a small city characterized by mining industry with smaller and smaller inhabitants. The main event is the death of a young man in a car accident. The debut prize was also nominated by Lyubov Arnautovich ("The Hidden") and David Fuks ("Before We're Dead"). Previously, Friederike Gösweiner (2016) and Nava Ebrahimi (2017) had received him.


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