Thursday , March 30 2023

The one who tells the truth, "is not a matter for me"


Secondly, the tenth week of the parliamentary inquiry committee, which took place in the context of the Federal Constitutional Protection and Counter-Terrorism Office (BVT), takes place on Tuesday. Peter Goldgruber, Secretary General of the Ministry of the Interior, will arrive in front of Members on Tuesday morning. Die Presse reports this time from Hofburg – at 10:00.

Not only the opposition but also the ÖVP, as seen by Goldgruber, first examined a number of contradictions between his statements and those of other informants. At the beginning of November, the senior official rejected the allegations against him and defended the Minister of the Interior, Herbert Kicklu (FPÖ). "The minister has never asked for anything to clean up," said Goldgruber. He also denied asking BVT boss Peter Gridling for the secret investigator's name in the fraternity environment – later Goldgruber said he couldn't remember.

Goldgruber, which is considered to be the main reason, is now being investigated for abuse of office, false evidence and defamation. His whereabouts as the first Interior Ministry official were considered as safe. Even the ÖVP should have been requested by the government partner FPÖ Goldgruber.

Pay attention to BAT professions

The second second witness would have been Ria-Ursula P. She is one of the main witnesses in this case because the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor's Office (WKStA) called for the protection of the Constitution in its statements. P. has been canceled in a relatively short time – as the lawyer said, the longer he stayed abroad. Die Presse has previously announced that it will refuse to accept the second shipment.

The second witness on Tuesday is Theresa H., who lost her position at BVT against P., probably arriving at political interference – as her first survey in the U committee last October showed.

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