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The city again separates the "signature" of their official on the new paving stones


The city again separates the "signature" of their official on the new paving stones

STEYR The magistrate building manager apologizes for the humor, the mayor asks for compensation.

The city went from

This is as follows: Pies have been removed from the paved stone. Image:

Today, viewers today attacked cell phones and cell phones hiding in the new Steyr paving stones before air drilling. Mermaid Gerald Hackl (SP) left in the morning to remove a signature with a signature that was Deputy Governor and Town Hall SP fellow Franz-Michael Hingerl, in a redesigned room with black and gray granite chunks, ON only announced,

Among the passers-by, the devil came to the officer that he had taken such an important role in capturing himself in a saddle. The grotesque called on the half-dip TV team on a square near the town hall, whose operators still try to capture one or the other of the letters hidden in the Hingerl cover.

The position became known to a judge who, like the old guild member, wanted to name his name from Steyr's electrician in his building. He had a line in the square where he discovered several letters and followed the line to which they were. According to ON, Hingerl had planned four more special workstations for paving stones: like the artist who signed his work, he wanted to complete the word title for the year 2018. But that did not come to it.

Hingerl's own creative requirement caused a headache in the city hall. Mayor Gerald Hackl (SP) condemned "acting as a twelve-year-old" and also warns Hinger's staff of acting. Hackl did not see the reason for her rejection of Hingerl as a member of the SP Council: "He must now bear the consequences of this nonsense, which is unfortunate because he, as a site supervisor, has done a great job that he has now personally corrupted."

"Of course," says the boss of the hometown, the Hingerla city also requires additional work costs for the plaster, which was a couple hundred euros. Some asking to leave the master's name on the pavement as an interesting sight, Hackl did not answer: "No, we do not want a pilgrimage for an unsuccessful idea. Our visitors should enjoy the beautiful new place."

Franz-Michael Hingerl, who felt miserable in his environment that he had made a big donkey, bravely resisted hype yesterday. The fact that he is one of the creative leaders in the city hall, he showed with an original explanation of his obscurity. He apologized for the morning in the e-mail for Helmut Zttl (FP), a construction consultant and deputy assistant, in particular the city's neighborhood neighbors H ohlrieder, I mperial, N, Gerger, E – Bank Oberbank, R "Athase," L "inquired about the inconvenience he caused. Mayor Helmut Zttl's response proves that no Affre may be a monster:" Apology is accepted. "

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