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Study: Masals are killing the immune system for several years

Innsbruck, Graz, Vienna – the cases are now more and more recent – it became known that the child in the Tyrolean Alpbachtal is ill. The debate on vaccination becomes heated. Vienna virologists now point to science a study published in 2015 that refutes the potential benefits of "natural" infections. On the contrary, the study showed that measles weakens the patient's immune system over the years. Lukas Weseslindtner and Heidemarie Holzmann from Vienna MedUni cite the current state of the epidemiological information on the virus.

"There is now good scientific evidence to show the contrary, and it shows that the measles cause the weakening of the immune system for several years, which even causes increased mortality due to other infectious diseases," wrote experts of the Virology Department in Vienna.

"Massage does not harm in any way"

It is known that opponents of the vaccine often refer to the benefits of measles vaccine that "natural" measles penetration "strengthens" the immune system. "Again and again, it is important to remember that bait is by no means harmless, but has a very high hospitalization and complication rate (about 20 percent). (…) Related mortality rates According to World Health Organization (WHO) data, measles in all ages worldwide, there are still 130,000 to 160,000 deaths per year in the world, ”researchers said.


In any case, the immune system plays an important role in the development of the disease. "On the one hand, some cells of the immune system, such as dendritic cells, T and B lymphocytes, are themselves target cells of the virus that cause the loss of these cells in the early stages of infection and thus cause leukopenia (loss of white blood cells)," virologists stress.

Recent immunological studies, mainly performed on macaque as experimental animals, have shown a differentiated picture. "It has been observed that measles virus does not overlap in lymphocytes, but penetrates into memory cells through a specific receptor (CD150). In the context of leukopenia, memory cells that have emerged in previous years to overcome other infectious diseases are almost completely lost," wrote Scientists. were measles virus-specific memory cells, although this would mean lifetime immunity to measles, but it comes directly after hypersensitivity to other pathogens.

Hypersensitivity to other pathogens

Scientists in expensive statistical analysis after vaccination against measles vaccine vaccination (from 1950 until now) have had thousands of measles cases with other mortality rates. Infectious diseases assessed.

Vienna virologists wrote: "There was a clear link between measles morbidity and morbidity from other measles-causing infections. For example, if the incidence of measles was particularly high within a few years, the mortality from other means also increased."

It was interesting that the introduction of measles vaccination not only led to a massive reduction in these cases, but also caused a significant reduction in mortality from future infections. "The fact that this reduction was particularly associated with the implementation of measles vaccination and was not accidental has been demonstrated, inter alia, by analogy with the effects of cough vaccination on infectious disease mortality and has no effect."

As with animal experiments, it would have been possible to indirectly evaluate people for how long memory cell pool damage could be associated with measles. Virologists wrote: "The results were surprising: the risk of dying from other infectious diseases not only increased for a short period of time but increased significantly over two to three years after measles treatment." (APA)

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