Thursday , February 25 2021

Sports: Graz with "Superticket" ten events

Graz (APA) is a "super ticket" for ten games. Grazera Bundesliga clubs attract viewers with an offer to visit ten games for € 49.90. Clubs cite the social value of the sport, which deserves more popularity, in the seizure of ideas. Only three to five percent of the more than 400,000 people who live and work in Graz and its surroundings will enter sports fields.

With the "trial offer", also known as the "secondary target group", should be enthusiastic about sport, it is necessary to accelerate "Grazera patriotism" and increase the use of stadiums. The edition is limited to 500 pcs.

Affiliated clubs: Sturm Graz (soccer / men and women), Graz 99ers (hockey), HSG and HIB (rokbali / men), Giants (soccer), UVC (volleyball / men and women), UBSC and UBI (basketball / men and women).

Note: The ticket is available at the clubs participating in the and as a gift box at the Kleinen Zeitung ticket store. For more information, visit:

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