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"Skiing": Schwarzenegger adapts the training age

28 November 2011 11.29

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Also, Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger (71) believes that she is old. "I can not cope with all these heavy leg exercises," he told the US magazine "Men's Health". "My knees are shot. I have to protect my knee because I want to ski."

Arnold Schwarzenegger

APA / AFP / Pau Barren

He likes the cycle everywhere in the world. "When I was traveling, I also drove by bike, because it is a good foot training and the city is different."

With native sport equipment, but it is possible to train, said local Austrian. "The machines available today are really amazing," Schwarzenegger said. "Like I, who had shoulder, hip, and knee surgery, he can always find an exercise that he can do, regardless of injury."

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