Friday , October 22 2021

Roman Rafreider returns to ORF


Roman Rafreider returns to ORF

In Vienna. Former ZiB manager Roman Rafreider returns to ORF in February.

Roman Rafreider Image: (ORF)

"As part of the ORF conversion, he will devote himself to the development of new information programs and will support the editorial team. Roman Rafreider is not returning to the screen. Moderation decisions for the new information broadcasts will be made gradually with the start of new formats over the course of the year," says ORF.

In early October, Rafreiders received a complaint from a partner about violence and dangerous threats. The investigation was suspended on 15 November. Since then, Roman Rafreider has not been on the screen.

ORFein is currently working on the transformation of the previous evening. The goal is to create self-made formats to replace the US-American series. Among other things, ZiB18 is planned.

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