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"Religion is having fun stopping"

Love movies like
Love movies like "Brian's life", "Monsieur Claude and his daughter," "Everything kosher!" And "LOL": Eva Spreitzhofer. © Brunner Pictures

Philipp Wagenhofer spoke with EVA SPREITZHOFER

Eva Spreitzhofer (51) is an actress, author, and now also a director: "How do we deserve it?" Is the clash of cults the name of a 16-year-old comedy that converts to Islam? Now in cinemas.

VOLKSBLATT: Dialogues seem to have really been lifted. How autobiographical is this story?

EVA SPREITZHOFER: They are definitely not in your life. In my opinion, I'm Wanda. I have two daughters who are 18 and 20 years old who have read and corrected my script several times: "Mega says no one, Mama". All the characters in the film have an example. I did a lot of research. The most absurd things really are.

Are your daughters at the time of puberty tended to Islam as a rebellion?

No, but at the beginning of the story, I realized that it was one of the worst things I could imagine when they said that they had joined Islam. Not so much, because it is Islam, but because my children abandon certain values ​​that I consider to be important. These are feminism, not religious aspects. I do not care what they believe in, but the image of their women is important to me.

In particular, the level of religion is considered to be very differentiated, cross, jar and goblin. These external symbols are very highlighted … How difficult are they balanced here?

In principle, it's not hard for me, because I do not want to create a balanced film. I wanted to look a bit ironic about people, attitudes and attitudes. Also self-connecting – that you feel joy about how these things are observed. It would require more humor, but it is less and less likely to be right and to the Islamic-reactionary border. Laughing you will be able to handle this topic quite well.

A smart move is to put this topic through a comedy. As a result, you can be more skilful and avoid comprehensive explanations. Do you agree Do you like juggling with bias?

Of course, if you look at Brian Life, how witty is it for those dealing with such things, that's great. After the film was launched, there were incredible protests. In religion, some people entertain. I do not think so.

In the film, the 16-year-old daughter's mother, who is being transformed, is much more affected than Papa Haralda. Why?

I do not feel like this … Father does not seem so much. What Harald does in the background, it does not know, because Wanda is the main character.

How do Muslims and Muslims find your movie about "clean" and "dirty" aspects of women?

I had a lot of consultants, I also built intruder jokes that work. I believe that most Muslims and Muslims are not radical believers, but timely. The Catholics do not always reflect the Pope's views. There are many people who are funny.

Do you, as the author, learn that the film's face in the film covers so many different aspects of life?

I live in an unstable situation, but I believe people in traditional families are well aware of these things. After all, people who belong together but who have different interests come together. In the case of a comedy, the collision situation works well because it is a complex structure.

They featured the great Caroline Peters (Nestroy best actress), Simon Schwarz, but well-known people like Mijou Friesz. Were you available a lot of budgets or was it based only on your good network?

The film was quite normal in the budget, where there are not so much money for small roles. That's why I also turned to people like Doron Rabinovich and Robert Stachel of Maschhek, with whom I am a friend.

So far they are actresses and writers. Do you now smoke a fuse? Will you be the key to the future?

Yes, I certainly do not have a book that I have written by another director. The outcome is more exciting for me than myself.

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