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Red Dead Redemption 2: Revolver is a curse with a heart


Our user Neowikinger has written a detailed overview of Rockstar Red Dead Redemption 2. Here is his view of the game.

There have been eight years since John Marston has been hunting for the Van der Linde group's Red Dead Redemption. Now, Rockstar turns the clock back a little further and lets us be part of the same band as Arthur Morgan.

Play me a song about death

How does a player enter RDR2? Death song must be taken into account by all the members of the group at the beginning of the game. After an unsuccessful coup on Blackwater, the whole gang has been launched. Pinkertons (the forerunner of today's FBI) ​​always has five necks.

Red Dead Redemption 2 horse

To hang on the persecutors, the gang resigned from the snowy mountains, where cold and famine are already expected, and your story begins. In this lethal environment, the game introduces you to some basic elements of the game. In different missions you will learn, among other things:

  • How do you hunt animals?
  • What is the role of your horse in the game
  • How to exclude opponents
  • And, of course, the importance of cohesion

These training missions, thanks to a good story, are constantly persuasive rather than artificially created. Without reducing tension: But the game does not work in a short time, because you and Van der Linde Group avoid deadly cold and persecutors.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Snow

After graduation, you will see an almost endless world in which you will spend more than 60 hours. Including the first training unit, eight departments are waiting for you to take the most recent Wild West days. And this trip has everything!

For a few bucks

How much freedom is RDR2? After the whole game world is open to you, you can freely decide how you want to continue. On the one hand, you can, of course, follow the story and thus direct your progress; on the other hand, many side actions await you.

Red Dead Redemption bonfire

It depends on how you want to interact with your environment.

  • Will you greet the passenger with a friendly greetings, ignore him or blow it for a few bucks?
  • Are you satisfied with the golden hill in the river that after a long search, he finally found a piece of gold or, in your opinion, would be better with you?

Red Dead Redemption 2 Raid NPC

It's all about your decision! With everything you live, you can work together. Regardless of whether you allow a good or a bad cowboy to chat, it is up to you. Of course, including possible consequences, for example, of great devotion.

What do side tasks look like? In addition to the usual NPCs, you will also find small missions that are beyond your main story and have their own stories to tell. Again, Rockstar is not lumped up and come up with a lot. Whether you help a ringleader lose their lost animals in their generations or help a shameless professor in their lab, these are just two examples of pretty fun side missions, all of which have their own glamor.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Dutch Speeches

But even if these missions are really great and you ask yourself, "what's next?" It should also be noted that The Witcher 3 is much wider and more complicated due to possible decisions or concerns lateral missions.

Of course, you can also withstand one or the other round of poker or prove your skills in a 5-finger file (no responsibility if you're anchored in a knife, not from your fingers).

Horse loves the tree

How important is the RDR2 horse? Your horse is probably the most important companion for your travels. You have a good relationship with him and even his level. A higher level means that your horse's strength will increase, so that you can ride a full workout longer and it becomes tough.

RDR 2 horses breed

To regularly cut it, feed it, seduce it, and soothe it if you are worried. Thanks, it also gives you additional commands, for example, sideways. However, teams have more ornaments. I have never had to use one that is unfortunate.

Of course, the greatest benefit of your horse is that it almost certainly will get you where you want to be. Almost sure? Yes, unfortunately. If again there is a little tighter control, it may happen that you no longer respect the tree and do not skillfully support it.

Red Dead Redeeming Horse Header

Of course, this causes you to be thrown away and take some losses. If you like it, it will be the same for your horse. Unfortunately, such incidents occur quite often. Even a small branch can drop you or a small stone against which the horse attacks, although the latter was released without problems.

How to Travel RDR2: If manual riding is too tiring, as well as what the regulator wants to avoid, instead of constantly pressing the button for faster driving, which can activate the cinema mode. All you need to do is mark the point on the map and (on the PS4) temporarily hold the touchpad. Now you give the horse fins and it uses the paths to automatically reach the finish.

Rdr2 trailer

But here, from time to time, problems arise. Therefore, it has happened to me several times that the horse simply came to other horses or strollers, so there were accidents. When it even happened with the nearest train! There is still room for improvement. However, if these problems are solved, you can sit back and enjoy the automatic ride and really beautiful scenery.

Usually, you will inevitably need to be aware of your horse. Since there is a fast travel function, it is not available from the start and after activation, even in limited form. Once you unlock them by upgrading your gang hide, you can travel from there to cities already visited or from the city by taxi or by train to another city.

Red Dead Redemption 2 4

But you can never use the function to go to your camp. But since many historical missions begin, you will often have to go with you or you will have to go with another gang member from there, so you can not use the fast-moving feature.

Here too, the long development period is clearly noticeable. To play most of the game, but move from point A to point manually, the automatic fast-moving function comes into play at the end of the game, so you will only have to travel to the destination.

Enemy in your hands

How does the controller feel? Perhaps the greatest enemy is in the game, there are not many opponents, but the controller itself or rather controller. Unfortunately, quite often it's a pretty sponge, so, as already mentioned, it's possible that you're driving trees or not as a cover you want.

In addition, key mapping ensures that you grow in one or the other gray hair. Do you want to get a gun from a saddle strap? No problem

  • Stop on PS4 just pressed L1
  • Use the right analog stick to select the left or bottom pocket
  • And then press L2 or R2 as often as you want until the required weapon appears
  • And only now you release L1.

Red Dead Redemption 2 course

Do you want to start broadcasting and place on your neck so that nobody will recognize you? Good good:

  • Hold L1 back again
  • Then press R1 to switch to the pocket positions
  • Now use the correct analog stick to select a scarf in the bottom left corner of the menu wheel
  • Stay for a few seconds and then release L1.

Conveniently different. Especially because the gaming world, although considerably slowed down, moves around you. Consequently, it can be somewhat dangerous in the fight.

Eye eats

Just beautiful in the world of RDR2: The game world deserves another mention. Rockstars really went out of his way here. You will not only expect a really big card, but also well-filled. Again and again you are faced with other NPC horses or wagons. There are also smaller random events. Whether you want to help an NPC who has snake caught up with you.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Scenery

And the animals! You can not really swear it. Regardless of whether small birds flying away when you are too close or crocodiles that you are not too close to anything, everything that is in your heart's will be depicted. And it can also be hunted. Rockstar has created its empire for all species.

In the meadows, you will find crocodiles in broad meadows or in the middle of rabbits. There are really plenty of animals. They are not only super animated but also can be used, for example. bowing up with useful improvements. Of course, you can also leave carcasses if you have to try too much. They are starting to spoil for some time! Even with the landscape there is no shortage of variety. Regardless of bogs, meadows, prairies, forests or snowy mountains. The eye really offers something.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Wolf Forest 2

What's left after the end

Is RDR2 edgame? What comes after the end? What happens if you have used the van der Linde tools' heights and drops and have successfully completed the story? Well, here I must admit that I would have expected something more. Of course, you can continue to play:

  • Chase some more animals
  • Although the cities are unsafe
  • Rob's pair are moving

But unfortunately, nothing new comes. You can continue to "just" do what you could do in the main game. Here, I would like to have somebody else to be unlocked to motivate you to continue to play. Unfortunately this is not the case. So it remains to wait until Red Dead Online will have to live, and you can experience new adventures.

Conclusion: it is worth every penny

Advantages and disadvantages at a glance: Red Dead Redemption 2 offers a fascinating story and a huge, and, most importantly, world of lively games. Yes, the fast-paced function and controls need to be improved, but in this size of the game, everything can not be perfect. Rockstar has once again shown that the games have a lot of passion, and you have to get not only in the market for semi-finals.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Arthur Portrait

And even if there is no message after the story is closed, there is still plenty of content to spend even more hours. If you ask me if it is worth buying Red Dead Redemption 2 at full price, there is only one answer: yes! The game is worth every penny!

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