Wednesday , March 29 2023

Rapid: Schwab with a bold promise


Quick fight on Thursday (at 18.55 oe24 Live scores) The European Football League's home game against Villarreal as an opportunity to move to the semi-finals and make good progress in poor growth. Two weeks ago in Spain, the Hütteldorfern is still in the stomach in Spain, but Stefan Schwab promised improvements. "We will now show a completely different way," said the captain APA,

An increase is also needed to stay in the race for participation in the demolition stages. After three G group G, Rapid has three points in third place behind Glasgow Rangers and Villarreal (each 5) and Spartak Moscow (2). "If we want the word to take off, we have to win," Schwab said.

To be successful, protection needs to be more stable. "If we allow a little and we are aggressive against the ball, we can remove something," Schwab said. This could help bring back the usual 4-2-3-1, which provided Rapid with significantly greater security. "The team feels most comfortable with this system, since it has been playing for years, and it will not be easy for a new coach to train a new system in a short time, but it will be possible in the winter".

Opportunity to win against Villarreal?

However, now the goal is to make progress in a well-known system – which has also been successful in up to two victories and made after the first fight with Villarreal. "The arrow up indicates a little green color, but we want it to show all the way up," Schwab said.

Sunday in Altah on Sunday, at. 2:02, the arrow dropped a little further, which probably was due to the intensive program of the last months. However, the midwife does not want to accept any sign of fatigue as an excuse. "With double burden or not, it is also a head use. We are professionals, so it can be played every three or four days."

Three days after the fight with Villarreal, the next important game is waiting for Salzburg and his colleagues when they play against the WAC away from home. After all, the Lavanttal races would be particularly bitter as it would complicate the qualification championship tournament. "We will turn to the league in the coming weeks," Schwab reported. "I would not say that the game against Villarreal is not important."

Spaniards also in a crisis

Also, Spaniards do not qualify for the national championship at will. The "Yellow Submarine" is only in Table 16 in eleven rounds, a one-time victory over Rapid was the only success in the last eight races. "They do not have the confidence to lead and win," Schwab suggested.

In addition to Villarreal's weakness, it could also be said that, according to the 28-year-old Rapid, the situation in Vienna-Hütteldorf is no longer as tense as a couple of weeks ago. "You may feel that everything has calmed down and there is a more positive mood in the environment, and now we have to use this opportunity to turn things around," demanded Schwab.

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