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Personal diet in the hospital saves lives

Individual food in the hospital increases protein and calorie intake and greatly improves the success of therapy. It shows a study of over 2,000 patients in eight Swiss patients hospitals, Basel University researchers and colleagues from Canton Hospital Aarau have met them, the data was in the journal "Lancet" published.

Malnutrition increases the risk of complications

Those who can no longer eat and drink properly due to the disease are at risk of not eating enough protein and energy. Medical departments hospitals This phenomenon affects more than one third of patients. Malnutrition not only worsens the quality of life of hospitalized patients, but also adversely affects the course of the disease, increasing the risk of illness. complications and increases it mortality,

Two comparison groups in the test

Experts randomly divided the medical patients who were at risk of nutrition into two groups. One group received traditional meals from the hospital kitchen during the hospital stay. In the second group, nutritionists compiled an individual diet plan.

Nutrition therapy brings a lot

After 30 days appeared: through an individual food Not only was the supply of energy and protein better achievable, but overall the treatment results improved. So compared to less heavy complications to and mortality returned. Statistically, one in 25 people was heavy complication and 37 treated persons death prevent.

"Our results indicate that malnutrition is a modifiable risk factor and that treatment has a positive effect on the disease process," says the research manager Philipp Schütz"This study is very important for the treatment of polymorphic patients in hospitals, and it should strengthen the role of nutritional therapy in high-risk patients."

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